VSCO Academy’s 10 Tips That Will Aide You in Becoming a Better Photographer

Recently someone came to me in the hopes that I would be able to help them tackle composition within their photos. In what appeared to be some serendipitous twist I came across VSCO’s “10 Tips on Composition” and sent the link their way. The comprehensive list provides a number of ways that you can embolden your ability to construct beautiful images as well as aide you in fortifying your style of shooting.

Some of these tips include taking into account things like geometry, narratives, scale, framing your image, and much more.

Head over to VSCO’s site to check out the tips. Be sure to follow their VSCO Academy, online or within the app, to take full advantage of their free and good-humored tutorials.

If you’re unfamiliar with the app I recommend giving it a spin. Below, I’ve included a gallery of a few images that I’ve shot over the past year or so using VSCO. It has really helped me with getting more comfortable with shooting and honing my photographic eye. More of my work can be seen here.

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