Drake x 21 Savage “Sneakin'”

It’s been quite some time since I’ve waxed poetic about a rap video, but Drake aka “The Razor Ramon of Rap” has emerged, once again, with more “content” sure to boil the blood of Aubrey Graham abstainers and detractors, the internet abound.


The visuals for “Sneakin’,” a collaborative track with Atlanta’s 21 Savage, is a melding of minds. The video, which looks like it was pulled straight out of the buffering era, sees Drake and 21, along with a bevy of their cohorts, spending some time relishing in some Dionysian splendor out in what I imagine to be Drake’s Calabasas compound.


Is it teeming in rap tropes? Yes, but done in an uncannily and intrinsically unique way. Let’s count the ways:


There’s the ubiquitous shot of the duo double cupped up, with some grandiose bling in tow, rapping in a driveway of high-end autos.


21’s rocking a backpack as plush as Drake’s fur jacket, one that’s adorned with gold embellishments just in case you forgot that he’s October’s Very Own.


Can’t forget the champagne jacuzzi baths, accented by a pinch of product placement. If you know, you know. If you don’t, I’m referring to Drake’s new brand of whiskey(Zoom in).


All in all, it’s a rap video dripping in the kind of decadent sauce that fans of these two rappers will unabashedly devour.

View the video via Apple Music here.

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