Travis Scott x NAV “Biebs in the Trap”

I remember my first time hearing “Biebs in the Trap,” by Travis Scott, and I must say I was blown away. Some might scoff at the mere the sight of those words in a sentence, but that’s their problem.

Scott’s scattered flow paired with NAV’s crooning results in an amalgamation of ambiance that almost makes the track–one detailing a horrorshow of a time with some devotchkas–feel almost euphoric. The warble like tittering of the beat coupled with NAV’s melodic, euphemism-laced delivery leaves you feeling like this one was recorded in an echo or hyperbolic time chamber, of some sort.

If the scene I set doesn’t hold you over, you can look forward to the typical rap video trappings: girls, drugs and/or references to them, mirrors, dance moves you probably can’t do, and a chromed out Lambo whirling like a Dervish.

Enjoy the visuals below:

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