PBS The Art Assignment The Case for Copying

Check out The Art Assignment’s “The Case for Copying”

The appropriation of images is an interesting thing to think about in this day and age. We currently live in a chasm of time that I jokingly refer to as the “viral expressionism” period whenever discussing memes or recurring jokes strewn about the internet and social media with friends. “Life imitates art,” is a befitting way to think about what we currently live through. What we do with memes, in particular, is analogous to what we saw from the 60s on with regards to pop-art and the repurposing of common iconography or images. It’s all about context and the reshaping of a narrative.

The folks at The Art Assignment delve deep into copying throughout art history in an episode of their exploratory “The Case for…” series.

Check out “The Case for Copying” below.

Donate to The Art Assignment here.

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